Sunday, November 8, 2020

Another TTM Success From Craig Paquette

I had a bunch of Craig Paquette's cards in my box that had been sitting there for a couple years, so I decided to send TTM to him again.  I had some good ones, but just held onto them while I sent other folks out.  I finally got around to sending these, and am glad I went ahead with it.  The above 1993 Upper Deck SP turned out really well.  I have no idea where I got the card.  It could be a remnant of the collection I had when I was younger, of course, or it could have come out of a repack box a while back.  Who knows.
These cards all came out of various 5,000-count boxes that I have acquired over the years.  I've been trying to thin that stuff out and cycle more stuff in, but it definitely is a chore.  The 2002 Topps Chrome and 2002 Topps (top left to right) both look great.  The 1994 Score and 1994 Donruss (bottom left to right) ae both cards that usually get left out when I am choosing what to send to players.  I was glad to get those two sets in this request and add them to the album.

I mailed to Paquette on August 12 and got the cards back on August 22, for a 10-day TAT.

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