Tuesday, November 10, 2020

TTM Success - Joe Borchard

I got some nice cards back signed TTM from Joe Borchard, recently.  The above 2003 FLair was a really great one to get back, as I really enjoy this design.  The card turned out great, even with a black Sharpie.
I checked, and Corwin Malone doesn't sign TTM, so this 2003 Topps will just take a spot in my album.
I also got an 02 Topps and an 01 Bowman signed, and they both turned out well.  Borchard has a nice signature, and the Sharpie he used was a good one.

Borchard (b. 1978) played in the majors from 2002 to 2007 for the White Sox, Mariners and Marlins.  He had 147 hits, 26 home runs and a .205 batting average.

I mailed to Borchard on August 12 and got the cards back on August 24, for a 12-day TAT.

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