Monday, September 23, 2019

Some 50/50s From Zach S.

I've known this kid, Zach S., on Instagram for some time now.  Probably at least 2 years.  Our initial meeting did not go well; he tried to scam me out of some cards.  After a while, and some apologies, we got to chatting again, and reservedly, I sent him a handful of cards for him to try a 50/50 since he saw the Fort Wayne Tincaps, and also since he was taking a trip to Florida and would see Fort Myers.

Zach thanked me for trusting him with my cards, and he came through.  He got me autos of Blaze Alexander, Alek Thomas, Jackson Goddard, Levi Kelly and Royce Lewis.
All of the cards turned out well, and I feel like Zach did a good job.  I think I will send him a few more 50/50s to do next year, since he has earned back my trust.
He tried really hard with Fort Myers, but since he wasn't all that experienced with the park, he didn't do too well.  He also ended up not seeing nearly as many games as he thought, so this was the only Royce Lewis that he was able to get done.

Thanks for getting my cards signed, Zach.  We will definitely do some more next season.

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