Saturday, September 28, 2019

Some 50/50s From Dylan

My friend, Dylan, lives in Connecticut and graphs the Connecticut Tigers.  This season, he took a few 50/50s for me and helped me get a couple cards out of my box.

I was especially happy he took this Bryant Packard and got it signed for me, since I only had the one card.  Packard formerly went to ECU, but I have never tried to graph there.  I have heard it is pretty easy, but I didn't try, and ended up sending this out after Packard was drafted by the Tigers.
Dylan also sent these three cards back.  I always enjoy getting the older stuff out of my boxes.  I've become a bit of a card hoarder, and it really helps to be able to move some of the older stuff.  One of these days, I'll do another show and unload some stuff.  In the meantime, I will reduce my boxes card by card as I get stuff signed.

Thanks for the 50/50s, Dylan!

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