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Saturday, June 3, 2017

New Topps Now Pickup - Mancini's Magic Bat

Trey Mancini has done pretty well so far this season.  He might just end up becoming a new full-on PC for me, especially now that Nolan Reimold has retired and is not likely to have any new cards issued.

When Topps Now issued this card about the game the night before where Mancini hit a couple homers, then Gentry and Machado borrowed his bat and did the same...  I had to get it.  I got the 5-pack, and send one of the cards to my new friend, Andy, who is a huge Mancini fan.  I know he enjoyed the surprise.

There are a couple other Orioles Topps Now cards from this year that I missed out on, so I will have to EBay those.  I like this year's design.  The back has almost a glossy refractor look to it, which is pretty cool.

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