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Sunday, June 25, 2017

TTM Success - Stanton Cameron

This was a really cool TTM success with a card that I got from Andrew's little brother, Caleb.  I got two signed cards back from Stanton Cameron, so Caleb will be getting one of them, since he gave me the card.  I really liked it, since it has the awesome sunset in the background.  Cameron sent a letter back with the card saying that the player shown on the back of the card is TR Lewis, and I should try to get him to sign it as well.  I would, but it doesn't look like a current address for Lewis is available.

Cameron (b. 1969) never made the majors, and spent 13 seasons in the minors and independent ball.  He spent two years in the Orioles system, between Frederick and Bowie.  He retired from baseball with 972 hits, 167 home runs and a .269 batting average.

I mailed to Cameron on May 24 and got the cards back on June 19, for a 26-day TAT.

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