Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spread The Word - I'm Back On Ebay

I took several years off from selling on Ebay.  I had moved, started doing shows, started a blog, started a COMC account, but finally, after several painstaking hours of listing stuff, I am back on ebay.  This is probably only temporary, but who knows, I might find a few more things to throw up there.

What prompted me to do it was pulling this beauty out of my 2014 Topps Heritage box this weekend.  I casually looked it up and was amazed to see what they had sold for, so I naturally decided to try to cash in.  I figured, if I can get a decent amount of money funneled into my PayPal account, I could maybe expedite some set pursuits or maybe see about adding HOF baseball #101 to my collection.  We'll see.
So, if you have time and money burning a hole in your pocket, please head over to Ebay and check out my wares.  My Ebay ID is roaddogg57 and I will give you the courtesy of a page link here.

Thanks for looking guys and good luck if any of you decide to bid!

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