Monday, March 24, 2014

Set Complete - 1993 Topps

Well, I knocked a set out.  It wasn't anything glorious like the 1959 or 1969 sets I've been working on, but I was able to amass the 825-card set from 1993 Topps.  This is a set that features the Derek Jeter RC (which I got from Drew) and a huge checklist.  I had a whole bunch of cards from my childhood sitting in a box, so those started me on the way for this and I was helped even further when a co-worker gave me all of her son's old cards.  After sorting those, I needed only a handful of 1993s to complete the set.

I sat on it for a while and then finally knocked them all out with one Sportlots purchase.  This Doug Brocail RC was the final card that I crossed off of my list.

I am not too far away from completing 1996 Topps as well.  I thought I closed it out with the same Sportlots purchase, but I think I missed a couple.  Oh well.  It'll be done soon enough.

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