Saturday, March 8, 2014

More From Dana - Hakuna Machado

Dana sent me a bunch of different Orioles cards, all of which I needed, but none more so than the 7 Manny Machados that she sent along.  I've learned very quickly that any and every kid under the age of 14 has a Manny Machado PC and they are driving up the price of his cards everywhere.  So, it's really tough to get my hands on any of them, unless I pull them from a pack myself.  Thanks to Dana, I don't have to worry about a few of them, now that I have these.

I do have to saw WOW for the 2014 Panini Donruss.  They hit this one out of the park, in my opinion.  The design is fresh, but it also reaches back to Donruss of old and really makes you feel like they never left the market.  Well played, Panini!
Sticking with Donruss, here is a numbered Machado from the Elite Series subset.  Very sharp!  This one is nombered 320/999 and looks amazing.  I love it!
Finally, I wanted to show the X-fractor that she sent from Manny's 2013 Topps Chrome.  I didn't have this one either and she was gracious enough to send it along.

I appreciate the package so much, Dana.  Thanks so much.  I'm going to continue with probably 3 or 4 more posts from it, so you all stay tuned!

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