Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Trade With Roger Helps My Chrome Set

I got a random email from a fellow blogger a couple weeks ago.  The blogger was Roger from the blog "Sports Card Mask-A-Rade" and he had a bunch of 2013 Chrome to help me with my set.

In all, Roger sent me 25 cards to help with my set, leaving me with only 27 to go before the set is complete. Not too bad.  When I finish this one, it'll be the third Chrome set that I've completed, along with 2010 and 2012.  I have grown to love Chrome recently, especially the color refractor parallels.

I figure I'll be able to make a few trades and buy some needs off of Sportlots to get this set done and out of my notebook.  Then, maybe I can add a few other sets to work on.

Thanks for the cards, Roger.  I hope you like the package I sent you.

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