Monday, March 17, 2014

Sportlots Pickup - 1959 Topps

I bought a bunch of cards I needed for sets from Sportlots this past weekend.  The first batch of which came in this evening.

I was excited to see that the package was all of the 1959 Topps I had bought.  I didn't get any stars, but I did pick up this high number Billy Pierce.  Actually, this pierce is the final card in the set, so I guess you could say it's all downhill from here.

I thumbed through my set so far tonight as well and realized that Pierce has at least 3 cards in the set.  He has this All Star card, a base card and a highlights card.  Not bad for a great pitcher and an even greater TTM signer.

So, I have updated my 1959 needs list, in case anyone is feeling generous.  Cool thing, too, is that I just reached a deal on Instagram tonight for 11 more, so I'm knocking quite a few of these out.  That will give me room to concentrate on some stars coming up, so it'll be nice to get some commons out of the way.

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