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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

TTM Success - Buddy Biancalana

Buddy Biancalana was another player I needed for my 1987 Topps set, and he had signed TTM some.  I sent to him several months ago, but got a note back saying he was now charging a fee.  I held off returning the card for a signature for a while, but finally got around to it and crossed him off of my list.

Biancalana (b. 1960) played in the majors from 1982 to 1987 for the Royals and Astros.  He had 113 hits, 6 home runs and a .205 batting average.  He won the World Series in 1985 with the Royals.

I mailed to Biancalana on June 1 and got the card back on June 17, for a 16-day TAT.  I paid his fee of $10.00.

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