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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

TTM Success - Paul Wagner

There were a bunch of Paul Wagner cards in my TTM box.  He signs a lot, so I went ahead and sent 7 cards, since I couldn't decide on ones to hold back.  I don't mind if a player decides to not sign something I send, so I didn't see much of an issue with sending 7 cards.  That is the max I would send, though, in case someone was wondering.
The cards I sent all turned out great. They'll look good in my autograph album, especially the 1991 Carolina League All Star card.

Wagner (b. 1967) played in the majors from 1992 to 1999 for the Pirates, Brewers and Indians.  He had a record of 29-45 with 452 strike outs and a 4.83 ERA.

I mailed to Wagner on May 10 and got the cards back on June 15, for a 36-day TAT.

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