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Saturday, October 30, 2021

This Year's 50/50s From Matthew F.

The 50/50s that I sent out this season have finally come in, for the most part.  I sent out a ton of cards, and while some of the 50/50s were a bit disappointing for me, this one that I got back from Matthew F. really was awesome.  There were a few cards in the batch that I was really excited to see come back signed, and Matthew really came through.

I had this 2010 Topps Chrome Red Hot Rookie Logan Morrison for a long time, and had been wanting to get it signed.  I held off sending it TTM, since I didn't want to lose it.  I, then, held it to see if I could get him at a High Point Rockers game this season, but he was signed by the Reds before I could get to a game.  Luckily, he was stashed at the Reds AAA (Louisville) and Matthew got the card signed for me.
Matthew got three other LoMos signed for me, two of which are above, and the other has been sent to a buddy of mine who is working on a set.
The best card of the whole bunch may be this 2021 Bowman Chrome green sparkle refractor of Clayton Beeter that he got signed for me.  The card is numbered 30/99 and Beeter actually inscribed it to Matthew, but Matthew was able to clean the card off for me.  You can't tell he fixed it, and the card looks awesome when scanned.
I had gotten a couple Lyon Richardson cards signed a couple years ago from another 50/50, but Matthew hooked me up with quite a few here.  I especially like the 2019 Bowman Heritage, which is the rightmost card.
I had been wanting to get Timmy Lopes to sign the 2010 Bowman USA card for a long time, and Matthew came through once again.  I also added a 2020 Topps to the album, and it turned out great.
I like these 2020 Topps Heritage Minors Scratch Off cards, and Matthew got a couple of them done for me.  The above Miguel Vargas turned out really well.
I was also happy Matthew got my Vargad Midwest League All Star card signed.  I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get that signed.
He got an Austin Drury card from that same set done, as well as some other team set cards, like my Hickory Sam Hellinger (former Wood Duck) card, or my Mudcats team set cards of Mario Feliciano or Quintin Torres-Costa.
Matthew helped me get a bunch of older Bowman cards out of my box, like the 2017 Bowman Morgan Cooper, or some 2019 Bowmans, like the Jack Little or Mike Siani.
These also turned out great, and there's another scratch off card from 2020 Heritage Minors.  I was really glad to move a lot of this stuff, and Matthew was a big help.
I got Matthew a bunch of Low A guys, and I know I will be sending to him again next season.  He probably hooked me up more than most people did this season, and he was really easy to work with.

He missed a few guys due to early season COVID restrictions and player movement.  Still, this was a very successful 50/50.  Thanks Matthew.

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