Wednesday, December 4, 2019

TTM Success - Damion Easley

So, this one definitely took a while.  I had forgotten about all of the cool cards that I sent TTM to Damion Easley, so when this one finally made its way back to me, I was really excited to see the cards that fell out of the envelope.

I actually robbed this 1994 Pinnacle from a set my mom had started to put together back in 1994.  She gave me the album at one point, and I saw this Easley in there when I was just about to send to him.  I'm actually glad I pulled from the set, because this card looks spectacular, and will be a really cool addition to my autograph album.  Thanks Mom!
I also got a Pacific Crown Royale signed (top, crown shaped card) which looks pretty cool.  The 1993 Flair beneath it also is very sharp.
I love the old 1994 Finest design (left).  It turned out great.  I also added a 1998 Topps because I love the dirt shot of the card.  Those are some nice shots on cards, when you get a good portion of the card taken up by the dirt.  Those have always been some of my favorites.

Easley (b. 1969) played in the majors from 1992 to 2008 for the Angels, Tigers, Devil Rays, Marlins, Diamondbacks and Mets.  He had 1,386 hits, 163 home runs and a .253 batting average.  He was an All Star in 1998, and was also a Silver Slugger Award winner that season.

I mailed to Easley on February 13, 2017 and got the cards back on October 31, 2019, for a 990-day TAT.