Friday, December 6, 2019

TTM Success - Gorman Thomas

Another private signing came along with someone that I needed for my 1987 set.  I had sent TTM to Gorman Thomas a while back, but the cards never came in, so I went ahead with the private signing.  The card turned out well, and I can cross Thomas off of my list.

Thomas (b. 1950) played in the majors from 1973 to 1976 and 1978 to 1986 for the Brewers, Indians and Mariners.  He had 1,051 hits, 268 home runs and a .225 batting average.  He led the league in home runs in 1979 and 1982.  He was an All Star in 1981, and finished a career-best 7th in the MVP voting (AL) in 1979.  He appeared on the 1992 Hall of Fame ballot, but received no votes.

I mailed to the signing on October 15 and got the card back on November 1, for a 17-day TAT.  I paid a fee of $7.00.

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