Monday, April 30, 2018

TTM Success - Jaime Navarro

This TTM success from Jaime Navarro was a long time in the making and cost me a few stamps, but I finally got some cards back from him.

Originally, I had Navarro in my box, but was waiting to send to him once I had a confirmed success from the addresses I had seen.  When I mailed to him, I got a RTS, and let those cards sit in my box again.

I finally saw sme folks get returns from a new address, so I tried him again, and finally got the cards!
I had so many of his cards to send, but this 1992 Studio might be the nicest one.  I like the Studio design, and was glad to get this back and add it to my album.
I added two 90s Topps that are grossly underrepresented in my album, 1996 and 1997.  Both turned out great (96 - upper right; 97 lower left).

Navarro (b. 1967) played in the majors from 1989 to 2000 for the Brewers, Cubs, White Sox and Indians.  He had a career record of 116-126 with 1,113 strike outs and a 4.72 ERA.

I mailed to Navarro on March 12 and got the cards back on March 21, for a 9-day TAT.

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