Thursday, April 19, 2018

Some New Signed 1987 Topps For The Set

Recently, I added a ton of 1987 Topps to my collection.  The above Larry Parrish was a purchase from PastPros from their leftovers  from the recent signing in Montreal.  My good friend, Jacob, tried to get Parrish for me, but he wasn't able to.
These three came from blog reader, Ray.  He saw that I was working on the set and was kind enough to send along these three that I needed.
I took some 50/50s for a guy named John on Instagram, and he sent these three that I needed.

Finally, my amazing friend, Gerard, sent me these 8 cards for my set.  The Dwight Evans was the biggest surprise.  I was planning on getting two vouchers for him at this year's National, but now I only will need one!

Thank you so much for the cards, guys!  I now have 223 signed 1987 Topps out of the 792 card set.  I'm a lot farther along than I thought I would be, so I feel like I am doing really well with it!

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