Saturday, December 29, 2018

RedsFest 50/50 From TTMGraphs

I love when other teams' fan fests come up.  Teams other than the Orioles have it where you can get a ton of stuff signed, and it helps me clear out some old stuff when folks send me their lists of cards that they need.  I helped out someone new this year, a kid with the handle TTMGraphs.  He went to RedsFest, and worked hard to knock two 1987 Topps off of my list.

He wasn't able to rack like some folks I know, but he did do well enough to where he was able to send a few other cards back my way.

Tom Hume was one of the players he was able to get for me, and this 1981 Topps is the result.  I have had a bunch of 81s for a while, so it was nice getting this one out of my box and into my album.
Even better was being able to get these two Chris Welsh out of my Donruss/Fleer box and getting them signed.  The Donruss/Fleer box is at the bottom of my tower of 5,000-count boxes, so it is hard to get into it on a regular basis.  Anytime I can ger cards out of it is good.
These are the two 1987s that he got signed for me.  I have Welsh out TTM, but if that one comes back, it'll be trade bait.

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