Saturday, December 8, 2018

A Surprise in the Mail From My Friend, Jacob

My good friend, Jacob, told me while I was in Vegas, that he had sent a surprise to me that would be here when I got home.  When I got in and checked the mail, there was an envelope from him, and inside was this signed 1987 Topps Tim Raines.  There was also the below Dennis Leonard, which we had made a deal on, but the Raines caught me totally by surprise.
Jacob and I made a trade for this Dennis Leonard, which I still need to ship my part of the deal.  I plan on sending it with Jacob's Christmas gift, if the dang thing ever gets here.

Jacob is a great dude.  I wish I could get up to where he lives and go to Expos Fest with him.  I'd need to renew my passport.

Thanks for the cards, Jacob.  Those and the letter really mean a lot to me!

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