Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Ray Puts A Dent In The 87 Set

It all started with an email from Ray, of the blog All Cardinals All The Time, which said that he would be able to get this Greg Mathews signed for my 1987 Topps set.
Ray said that the card wouldn't come with a charge, which was generous enough, and he asked for my 1987 needs list (which I need to put on here somewhere) and said he maybe could knock off a couple others.  What I didn't know was that Ray would send all of these that I needed.

I had these three Todd Worrells out for TTM for over a year or so, and they haven't come back.  Ray knocked them off of the list, which is very helpful.  Worrell has a really nice auto, as well, so if the others come back, I will have to pay them forward.
Here are three other guys that Ray had for me, Danny Cox, Pat Perry and Ricky Horton.  This knocks off 7 cards for the set, and puts me at 369.  I'm very close to halfway, which is nice.

Thanks so much for the cards, Ray!  It is definitely appreciated.

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