Saturday, December 8, 2018

TTM Success - Von Joshua

When I got my bulk box of 1973 Topps from Conrad, I went through it to see who all signed TTM.  I, then, tried to find other cards of those guys so I could have extras to send out.  That's how I found this 1978 Topps to go with my 1973 Joshua when I mailed TTM to him.  The 1978 is reall sharp, and his signature in blue Sharpie really blends well with this card.
The 1973 looks just as good.  I thought I had more cards of his, but I guess I didn't.  Still, the two I got back turned out really well.

Joshua (b. 1948) played in the majors from 1969 to 1971, 1973 to 1977 and 1979 to 1980 for the Dodgers, Giants, Brewers and Padres.  He had 610 hits, 30 home runs and a .273 batting average.

I mailed to Joshua on October 3 and got the cards back on October 22, for a 19-day TAT.

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