Sunday, September 10, 2017

Some Recent Autograph Pickups

I picked up a few nice cards lately that other folks have gotten signed, starting with two Gerald Lairds that my buddy, Dylan, was able to get for me while he was graphing the Connecticut Tigers.  This 2008 Heritage Chrome RC of Laird turned out really nice.
I had found four Laird cards, and I chose the Heritage Chrome and this 2005 Topps, while Dylan kept two other Topps cards.
My friend, Scott, from the Wood Ducks games hooked me up with this Richie Shaffer auto that he got IP for my help in getting him Triston McKenzie a while back.  I had this Schaffer already, but I was happy to take it, nonetheless.  Especially since the person who got me the previous one is now someone I won't be doing 50/50s with anymore.  I'd rather help Scott out.
Finally, I made a trade on Instagram using two of my extra Jamie Quirk IP autos for these two Orioles.  I definitely needed more 2009 Topps in my album, so I had to choose the 09 Jeremy Guthrie, and I didn't have McGregor yet, so I was happy with this 1986 Topps.

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