Thursday, August 3, 2017

2017 National Card Show - More Day 1 Free Signers

Jose Canseco wasn't the only person signing for free on the first day of the National.  Nate Archibald and Ron Duguay were also signing as part of the VIP Party.  I was in line for Archibald, but that line was moving slowly, so the folks in front of me allowed me to jump over to Duguay's line and get my card signed there.  I was, then, able to jump back in my spot for Archibald and resume waiting for him.

I picked up both of these cards from COMC before I left for the show.  I wanted to have something for each free VIP signer at the VIP Party, in order to maximize my time there.
Someone in line also handed me a free voucher for Todd Hundley, so I used it on this 1996 Topps Gallery card that I picked up back when I was hanging with Andrew for his graduation.  The card turned out really nicely, as I had treated it with powder before I left home for the show.

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