Tuesday, June 28, 2016

50-50s From Dilan

Now that I am officially caught up on my TTM successes (for now), I now have the opportunity to try to catch up on some other packages that have come in over the last few months.  I got two batches of cards from my friend, Dilan, after he and I worked together to get some IP autos. Dilan messaged me a few times to tell me what teams he was planning on seeing, and I did my best to accommodate him.

One of the cards that he got signed for me that I liked the most was the above 2013 Bowman Sterling Henry Urrutia.  The card is numbered 9/25 and turned out great when signed.  Dilan really did a good job getting that one for me.
Other than the numbered Urrutia, I tried to let Dilan have the better versions of the cards that he got signed, such as parallels and inserts.  I was more than happy to take base cards, especially Topps.  He helped me knock out 2015 and 2016 from my Topps Autograph Project.
I know Dilan's main objective in getting the IP autos is to get up and coming prospects.  I was able to, however, help Dilan get some older cards of some of the coaches.  You figure that those guys are there signing, too, so why not try to get one of their cards signed?  I used my older Topps boxes from Mom to help with that part of the project.
Dilan got a few more recent players as well.  The above 2012 Steve Delabar is a nice horizontal card that turned out great.
These JP Arencibia cards also turned out nice.  I was more than happy to send along several of his cards, since I had so many.  The Heritage cards really turn out great when signed.
The biggest surprise of all, though was that Dilan was able to get Byron Buxton on a 2016 Bowman for me.  He had texted me saying that Buxton was only signing one per, so I told him that he was doing all of the work getting signatures, so he should keep Buxton.  Dilan texted me a few hours later saying he waiting after the game and got another Buxton signature, this one for me.  It was a really nice thing that Dilan did.  He went out of his way to try to get me the marquee guy, and came through.

Thank you so much for the work that you put in, Dilan!  I really appreciate all of the autos.

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