Thursday, February 12, 2015

Vintage Pickups From Bryce

I got a Kik message the other day from my buddy, Bryce, showing me this sweet Carlos Gomez patch card that he was hoping to be able to pick up.  Bryce was a little worried, though, that he wouldn't be able to raise enough funds fast enough, before someone else jumped on the card.

I had a little money in my PayPal, so I was willing to help him out.  While looking on his page, I noticed that he had a few vintage cards that I really liked, so, instead of contributing a little bit toward his cause, I ended up putting him over the top of what he needed.

The above Roberto Clemente was the card that was the key to the deal, for me.  I knew I had my '64 Mantle coming in, so I figured if I could get this one as well, I would be well on my way with the '64 set, whenever I decided to start it.

The card is in great shape, regardless of the bad centering.  The corners are sharp, and there are no creases.  Bryce was really reluctant to let it go, but he knew I would give the card a good home.
I have picked up a few '61 Topps cards here and there, the Ernie Banks being a key one, so I was happy to see that Bryce had this Mathews available.  The '61 set is another of those early 60s sets that I want to get moving on, but will have to wait until I get some others completed.
Here is yet another set that I already have a good head start on, being that I have the Ernie Banks and Sandy Koufax in my possession.  This Killebrew second year card has soft corners, but is otherwise in pretty decent shape.  1956 Topps has grown on me, and I wouldn't be surprised if I get the urge to start building this one if I can get some others out of the way.

I was really happy with the deal with Bryce.  He has quickly become one of the people I talk to the most from Instagram.  He wrote me a really nice, long note that he included with the deal, and you all know that the notes are my favorite part of any package.

Thanks for the deal, Bryce!  I hope you enjoy your Carlos Gomez patch card as much as I enjoy these sweet vintage cards!

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