Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two Care Packages From Blogger Adam

I got two care packages in the mail recently from fellow blogger Adam from the blog: Infield Fly Rule.  I lost count of how many team bags of Orioles and other assorted cards he sent, but it was a ton.  It was tough selecting a few to blog, but I went with a couple I didn't have, and one nice RC that was in the bunch.

I didn't have the above Panini Black Friday Chris Davis, so this one was a welcome addition.  I love the coloring of the card with the charcoal and orange.  It really pops, I think.
Adam found an emerald parallel for my 2013 set, which was nice.  I haven't really been concentrating on the set like I should, but things should be picking up soon with my set building activities.
I didn't have this black parallel of Caleb Joseph's first Bowman card.  I only have one of the base card as well.  That's kind of weird, to tell the truth.  This one looks really awesome and will be put into my Orioles PC.  This makes only the second Caleb Joseph card that I have (you know, the base card I mentioned two seconds ago).
Finally, Adam sent this 1991 Score RC of Mike Mussina.  I know I have one of these around here somewhere, but now, I have this one and I can easily place it into my RC box, instead of searching for the other one.  Who knows where that one is.

So, thanks for the care packages, Adam!  It is really appreciated.  I'm sorry it took me so long to get these posted, but with the snow days in the area, I should be catching up somewhat.

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