Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ebay Pickup - 2014 Bowman Chrome Chris Davis Shimmer Parallel

Man, this one scanned really nice.  Take a look for a minute.  I'll wait.  Ok, so I picked up this 2014 Bowman Chrome Chris Davis shimmer parallel for $14.31 shipped last week and it looks amazing. Numbered 9/15, I think I got a steal.  I know folks all around the blogs like to complain that there are too many parallels, but if Topps can do them the way they did the parallels in 2014 Bowman, that would be awesome.

I now have the chrome base, carbon fiber (numbered to 10), shimmer (numbered to 15), bubbles (numbered to 99) and blue (numbered to 250).  I don't know if I can get the rainbow done, but if I can add more of these cards, I'll be happy.  I feel like 2014 Bowman and Bowman Chrome were very well done this past year.  I could be inclined to open a box of Bowman Chrome at some point.  They really are nice cards.

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