Monday, February 16, 2015

More From Michael - Lots of Relics and Autos

I wrote the other day (here) about my close friend, Michael, and how he hooked me up in our latest deal.  Actually, this post will consist of cards from our TWO most recent deals, because I needed to get them up quickly before our NEXT deal comes in!

Michael really hooked me up with a ton of relics, autos and a sprinkling of vintage here and there.  I think it might have been reward for my getting him back into cards, or one might also think it was as a reward for the amazing friendship that I provide.  Ok, I'm being facetious, it WAS because I got him back into cards.  He normally specializes in game used memorabilia, but he has expanded his collection into cards recently.  Cards like the above Jesse Hahn are what usually catch his eye, but he also likes to flip them, if necessary.  I made him a great deal with some autographed memorabilia from Fan Fest in exchange for these and the Chris Davis laundry tag card from the previous post that I mentioned.

The Hahn is a really awesome card.  I think I'm going to hold onto it for a while.  A lot of the autos/relics that he included were intended to help me repopulate my trade bait section, but this card will be off limits for the time being.  It's just too cool.
From the trade prior to the laundry tag deal, came this 1962 Topps Billy Pierce.  Michael knows that I enjoy my vintage and offered up this Pierce, along with a couple other vintage cards at a really good price.  I went ahead with the deal, since I knew he was saving money for Fan Fest.  This deal was really facilitated because I was wanting to help out my friend.
I already had three of the 2009 Bowman Sterling Nolan Reimold cards, but I got this one off of Michael in order to complete a months-old deal with his little brother Jacob.  I sent Jacob a few Orioles relics/autos in return for this card.  Also, in return for my deal, I got a phone call from Jacob himself, which was really welcome.  Like Michael, he is a really good kid.
As throw-ins to our mega trade, Michael gave me two of these 2011 Bowman Sterling Mychal Givens autos.  Givens is still in the Orioles farm system, having been transitioned from infielder to pitcher.  He should start the season at AA Bowie, and could be a sleeper to make the major league team in the bullpen this summer.
I do intend on using some of the autos Michael sent me as trade bait.  He included quite a few Bowman Sterling autos like this Andrew Church.  I already have agreed to part with a Phil Ervin auto and once I post the other cards, they are sure to land me some deals as well.
I also got some of Michael's 2014 Bowman Sterling base cards.  These cards look really awesome! This Michael Choice is already earmarked to go to my buddy, Max, but some of the other base will likely be traded to other folks.
Mo Vaughn hasn't made much of an appearance on this blog, but in his day, I liked him pretty well.  A massive human being, Vaughn had a respectable career, which was capped with an MVP award.  This on card auto is really nice and I plan on holding onto it for a while.
I like Sonny Gray.  Michael knows this.  He sweetend our deal by adding this Gray booklet so he could get a few more Orioles autos off of me... even though he knows that he was getting them from me any way.  Speaking of Gray, I don't know if I offically PC him yet, but I do have a couple autos of his coming in.  I just think he is a really good pitcher, and I intend to follow his career closely.  Who knows, maybe Billy Beane will trade him to the Orioles at some point.
Speaking of Orioles, Michael hooked me up with this awesome Frank Robinson 12/27 Triple Threads triple relic card.  Why 27?  Hell, I don't know, but it is a really nice card.
Finally, this might be the most underrated piece in the deal.  This is a bat relic from Hall of Famer, Dave Bancroft numbered 43/99.  While looking at Bancroft's stats, it appears that he was one of the many HOFers who benefited from lax Veterans Committee voting, but a Hall of Famer is still a Hall of Famer.  I had nothing of Bancroft in my collection, so adding this card was a must.

So, thank you so much for the many deals that we have done in the several years of our friendship, Michael!  A person that I met strictly through the blog has grown to be one of my closest friends and I can't be more appreciative.  He is one of the reasons why I love this card community.

If you guys haven't checked out his blog, please do.  You can find it here.

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