Saturday, February 28, 2015

Incoming Mail From Trevor and Updated Trade Bait

I got a package the other day from my good friend, Trevor, that had a bunch of trade bait inside it.  I have traded quite a few times with him lately, enough so that he is out of Orioles cards to send to me.
So, to make up for it, Trevor sent me some stuff that I could use as trade bait to kind of repopulate my page.
I don't remember what I sent him, but I think it was a few Reds autos and relics.  Since I'm now out of Reds stuff, I need to work on finding stuff for him.
So, I have now taken these cards from Trevor and listed them on my trade bait page along with a bunch of other stuff.  Please take a look.  These cards are also all listed on my Instagram account, so some deals may be pending.  I've been trying to do a better job of keeping the trade bait page as current as possible.

Thanks for taking a look!  Also, while you're at it, please look at my COMC page as well.  The link is posted at the top of the blog, underneath the Foul Bunt banner.

Thanks for the cards, Trevor!

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