Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ryan Helps To Significantly Expand The Reimold PC

I took advantage of my good friend Ryan's desire to clean up some of his collection recently when I bought a ton of Nolan Reimold cards off of him for my PC.  I went through my haves list and compared it to a list Ryan had of what was available and came away with 47 cards that I needed for my PC.

Most of the cards are numbered parallel like the above 2012 Topps Factory Set Orange parallel.  This card is numbered 172/190 and the orange parallels are so hard to find.
I can't believe I didn't have this sapphire parallel from 2013 Topps.  This is numbered 15/25.
I also got a bunch of rookie and pre-rookie cards of Nolan.  Here are four versions of his 2006 Bowman from the Futures Game.  The blue is numbered 148/199, x-fractor is numbered 118/299 and the white paper is numbered 75/225.  The refractor isn't numbered, but it was still needed in my collection.
Here are some versions of his 2009 Bowman Chrome RC that I needed.  Blue is numbered 15/150, X-fractor is numbered 90/250 and gold is numbered 42/50.
I got a bunch of back variations like this 2013 Topps Heritage Venezuelan Black Back variation.  I also got 10 different mini cards from Allen & Ginter and Topps 206 with varying backs.
I had never seen this 2012 Sega Card Gen card, so it was nice to add to the PC.
I got these two 2009 Topps Finest cards as well.  These were redemption cards in the past that I had never jumped on.  The left card is a refractor numbered 72/199 and the one on the right is the gold refractor numbered 4/50.
Finally, Ryan included a bunch of minor league cards of Nolan in the package.  These are touch to find, but he had been working for a while on his Reimold PC.  I know he hated to part with it, but he knew that I would take care of them all.

I really appreciated all of the rarities and parallels that were in the package.  It wasn't cheap, but I was glad to get them from Ryan, and I was also glad to help out a friend.  These Reimolds will be put into my PC and now I might be able to complete a rainbow or two.  We'll have to see.  In the meantime, check out Ryan's blog, O No Another Orioles Blog, and maybe talk him into posting more.

Thanks for the deal, Ryan, I really appreciate it!

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