Sunday, February 8, 2015

Instagram Trade With Trevor - Cal Ripken Coin and More

I completed another trade with my buddy, Trevor when he sent me this Cal Ripken painted Silver Eagle and some other cards for my collection.  He had been offering me this Cal coin for some time, and I was happy to get it from him.

Trevor took a bunch of Reds off of my hands, and now gets most, if not all, of the ones I come across.  That makes it really easy for me when it comes to searching boxes.
This red hot foil Oscar Taveras card was something else that Trevor added, and I was glad to add it to my collection.  While I don't agree with his decision making that cost him his life, he was still someone's son, brother and friend.  His life ending so soon was a true tragedy, but hopefully there is a silver lining to it.  Maybe if one of the kids who looked up to Taveras will learn from the mistake that he made, and refrain from drinking and driving.

The card really pops, and it serves as a fitting tribute to a young player who is gone too soon.

Thanks for the deal, Trevor!  I really appreciate the deal, and I know we will do more in the future!

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