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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Instagram Trade With Caleb - 2011 Topps Blue Altuve RC

I completed a trade with my friend, Caleb, recently when I sent him some Braves stuff in exchange for this 2011 Topps Jose Altuve Wal Mart Blue rookie card.  I had been wanting an Altuve RC for a while and Caleb helped facilitate a deal.

I really liked the season that Altuve had last year.  Seeing him win the batting title and being shorter than I am it really cool.  He'd not Eddie Gaedel short, but he is a little guy.  He is someone that kids can look up to (no pun intended) and see that not al successful athletes have to be hulking monsters.

I hope Altuve can repeat last year's performance during the 2015 season.  If he can, the Astros will be very interesting to watch.

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