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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Recent Ebay Pickups

I did some buying on EBay recently and a few of the items have come in over the last few days.  Instead of burying them in my "to be blogged pile", I figured I would combine them and try to move a few things along.

The above 2014 Topps Mini printing plate of Chris Davis was on my watch list for a while, so I went ahead and picked it up for $16 shipped.  Not bad for a plate.  I wish it was the checklist version, though, since I have the platinum 1/1.  Oh well, I'm hoping I find it, or the platinum 1/1 of this card.
For a couple bucks, I grabbed this Irv Noren from 1959 Topps.  This is card #59 and was actually very hard to search for until I figured out who was actually on the card.  It's in great shape and will go nicely into my set.  I am under 100 cards remaining for this set, and I really would like to finish it off this year.
I bought this 1955 Bowman Chuck Bednarik football card with the hope of sending it to him for a TTM autograph, but he sent it back to me RTS.  Oh well, I went to the well too many times on him, since I was successful a few years ago.  He has been up and down health-wise lately, so that is more important.  I hope he is doing well, as he is 89 years old now.
Finally, I needed this 2014 Topps Stadium Club Chris Davis for my PC, so I got it when I bought a few of his other cards a while back.  It was at the bottom of my pile, so I was happy to go ahead and get it scanned and posted.  I love Stadium Club, and this card of Davis is a real nice one.  I just wish he would stop with the chewing tobacco.

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