Friday, March 13, 2015

Instagram Trade With Blaine - Awesome Vintage Pickups

I completed another great trade with my friend, Blaine, on Instagram when I sent him a ball signed by Jim Palmer in exchange for this Monte Irvin 1953 Topps.  The card is in pretty good shape, with the exception of a few rounded corners.  I think the '53 design is one of the great ones in Topps's history, and this card might just exemplify that.
The other big part of our deal was this 1962 Topps Gaylord Perry RC.  I already have Perry on a ball, and now I can say that I have his rookie card as well.  I also have his 1963 Topps "rookie stars" card as well, but this '62 is his true rookie.

Thanks so much for another successful trade, Blaine!  I'm excited to think of what we could exchange next!

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