Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Care Package From David

Back in February, I posted part of an awesome surprise care package that I got from blog reader, David.  He helped me complete my 2014 Topps Chrome set, which was really appreciated.  You can read that post here.

Along with the chrome cards that I needed, David also added a bunch of Orioles that I needed in my collection.  The above Eddie Murray 2014 Topps manufactured World Series Ring card was something I truly wasn't expecting.  The card looks awesome, and I can never have enough Murray stuff.  Also, who doesn't love those sideburns?
David also joins the rare club of someone who was able to find a Cal Ripken card that I didn't have in my collection.  This All Star scratch-off card came from 1993 Upper Deck.  I don't know how this one escaped me for so long.  Doesn't matter now, because I have it!
Finally, David included this 2014 Stadium Club Jonathan Schoop on card auto.  I already had one, but was happy to get another.  I look for Schoop to have a breakout year, this year.  His defense is really good; his bat just needs to catch up!

Thank you for the care package, David!  If I can ever help your collection out, please let me know!

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