Saturday, March 28, 2015

Awesome "Pulls" From Jack

My buddy Jack did some "pulls" a couple weeks ago for $5.00.  What a "pull" is, is when someone dumps a bunch of cards into a box and for a price, they randomly pull out cards.  I think I got 3 pulls with my $5, or something like that.  I lost track once Jack pulled this Pete Rose auto for me.  I mean, this awesome auto for $5?  STEAL!

The "pulls" concept is a pretty good one, I think.  I've never done it, but if there are good chasers, then it would almost be attune to buying a pack of cards.  I had no idea what was available, I just sent the money to help out a friend.  Jack is a good kid, whom I have helped along with his collection.

Thanks for the pulls, Jack, especially since I did so well!

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