Saturday, March 21, 2015

Two More Down, Five To Go

I am now down to five cards remaining on my 1948 Bowman needs list.  After picking up these two cards from Sportlots, I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I sat down and priced out how much it would cost me if I bought each card I needed off of Ebay as Buy it Now and came to the conclusion that those 7 cards would be $171.50.  I then went to a few other buying sites and saw that Ebay was the better marketplace, save for two of the cards.  Those two, I found for a much better deal of Sportlots.

The above Marty Marion was a real tough find for a decent price.  The cheapest one on Ebay was $45, and it was in really rough shape.  I got this one for $18 and it looks really good, except for some staining on the back.
This Herm Wehmeier was $5.00 on Sportlots while  comparable version was listed on Ebay for $10.  I was glad to knock this one out as well, especially since I had initially made up my mind to only get the Marion, that is until I saw that this was from the same seller as the Marion (saving me on shipping).

So, all I need now are 5 more cards and I can close out the '48 set after working on it for several years.  I anticipate picking up a couple more in the next few weeks to narrow it down even more.  The SPs and also the Enos Slaughter RC remain, but they will be mine before too long!

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