Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Care Package From Bryce

I got a surprise care package in the other day from a new friend off of Instagram named Bryce.  He and I have traded, I think, twice now, and I actually had sent him a care package the same time he sent me one.  So, this was almost a blind trade.  I sent Bryce a huge stack of Brewers cards that I had put aside for a deal I was working on with another Instagram kid who ended up not sending payment. Instead of putting all of the cards back into my trade box, I just contacted Bryce to see if he would take them, since I knew he was a Brewers fan.  Bryce happily accepted, and mentioned that he had assembled an Orioles package to send my way, as well.

The above 1965 Topps Brooks Robinson was the biggest surprise of all.  I already owned a Brooks card from '65, but I was more than happy to take another.  I really love this design, and who can refuse Brooks vintage cards?
Bryce also sent an assortment of color parallels from 2014 Bowman.  This JJ Hardy gold parallel was especially nice.  It is numbered 8/50.  Bryce also included green parallels of Wei-Yin Chen (41/150) and Adam Jones (110/150), as well as orange parallels of Chen (119/250) and Jones (74/250).
Among an assortment of recent Orioles cards was this 2012 Museum Collection Frank Robinson that Bryce included.  I don't have much from Museum Collection prior to 2014, so I will be working toward adding more to my collection.

Museum collection always looks great, and I feel like I never have enough cards of Frank represented in my collection.
Finally, while I already had one of these, it was really cool to see this Cal Ripken relic included in the package.  The card has a big crease running horizontally in the middle of the card.  It still does not take away from how nice the card is and how cool it is to have that orange swatch of jersey imbedded in it.

What might have been the best part of the package, was how Bryce included a separate envelope for my son, Chris.  Inside was an assortment of Giants cards, including what seems like a near complete team set of orange parallels from 2014 Bowman.  I love care packages for myself, but when you also include Chris, well, you really win me over (not that Bryce needed to win me over at this point).

Thanks so much for the care package, Bryce!  I really appreciate it, and I know who I'm going to first when I get any Brewers hits, from now on!

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