Thursday, January 29, 2015

Instagram Trade With Caleb - Frank Thomas Game Used Bat Relic

I completed a trade recently with my friend, Caleb, when I sent him a multitude of Braves cards and in return he sent me this nice 2000 Upper Deck SP bat relic of Frank Thomas.  This is from the early stages of game used relics, and is a very nice card.  I agreed on it pretty fast when Caleb offered it in trade.  I wish I could remember what I sent him, I think it was an Evan Gattis card, but I forget.

In the package with this card was a few cards that Caleb sent along as a Christmas gift.  There were a few Orioles parallels in there, along with a diamond parallel from 2011 Topps of Sandy Koufax.

That actually wraps up the Christmas gifts that I got, well into January.  Thanks for the trade and gifts, Caleb!

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