Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas Gift From Jake

I've met a bunch of people while trading on Instagram.  Many of them that I now consider friends. Some of them text me and ask for advice on collecting, they ask if I can find cards of certain players, or which sets would be good to build.  Some of them follow this blog, others have subscribed to my YouTube, or friended me on Facebook.  Others even have my cell phone number and chat with me there from time to time.  I've made a lot of friends on Instagram....

One of the guys that I met on Instagram, Jake, is probably one of the friends who I would consider was among the upper echelon of those friends.  He is always a joy to talk to, and always comes to me when he needs collecting advice.  I've spent a great deal of time helping him grow his collection, and he has repaid me with some great YouTube videos that have recounted the numerous care packages that I have sent him.  You can check out Jake's YouTube page here.  He's a great kid, and surprised me with a really awesome Christmas gift a few weeks ago.

Jake sent me a few Orioles cards in a team bag, and this tin of 4 metal cards of Cal Ripken from 1995.  Over the life of my collection, I have received all kinds of Ripken stuff, especially from the mid-90s.  Of all of the Ripken stuff that I have received, I have never seen these.  Jake hit a home run, because, as you all know, it is terribly hard to come across Ripken stuff that I don't already have.

The tin is factory sealed, and at this moment, I think I will leave it sealed.  I might open it one day, but for now, I will leave it like this and remember that a really awesome guy gave it to me.  I really appreciate him, and all of the friends I have made throughout all of the card community.  It's guys like Jake who make me enjoy what I am doing here, and reactions like his are why I try my best to send good, free, care packages from time to time.  One of my favorite things is to brighten these kids' days by helping them grow their collections.

So, thanks so much for the Christmas gift, Jake.  Also, Jake's birthday was yesterday, so head over to his YouTube page and wish my buddy a happy (belated) birthday!

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