Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas From Grandma - 1948 Bowman Phil Rizzuto RC

She wasn't aware of it, but my grandma knocked one of the cards off of my Top 10 list with the annual cash award she gave me for Christmas.  To make things easier on her, since I have a huge family, she gives the adult grandkids cash instead of gifts.  This works out well for me, because I can take what she gives me and apply it to something I really want and wouldn't buy for myself.  So, in that vein, I went ahead and watched a few auctions on Ebay until I found two that were at reasonable prices, and were ending by last weekend.

I bid on the first of the two, and held on til the end to take home this awesome card!  This was the last big RC that I needed for my 1948 Bowman set.
Knocking card #8 off of the 1948 Bowman set checklist leaves me with 13 cards remaining out of the 48 issued for the set.

So, thanks for helping me get this awesome card, Grandma!  I always appreciate the Christmas gifts, and everything else you do, all year round.  Oh, and, just so everyone knows, it's Grandma's birthday today.  I won't reveal her age, since she is a classy lady, but I do wish her a birthday, nonetheless!

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