Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Gift From Michael - Set Needs and a Top 10 Card

Along with the Mickey Vernon baseball that I got yesterday from Michael, I also got my Christmas gifts from him.  The major pieces from the package are shown here.  What I haven't shown, though, was a good bit of stuff as well.  Inside the box were two signed baseballs (Pedro Viola and Chris Michalak), a game used baseball from one of Michael's baseball games, a Derek Jeter Turn 2 coin that I won in an Instagram contest, a few assorted baseball cards, 30 cards from 2012 Topps Update to help me work on that set and three t-shirts (one of which was signed by Jim Gentile).  Those in themselves were huge pieces that I really appreciated from him.

Michael helped me out tremendously by finding three cards that I needed for my 1948 Bowman set. As you can see, the condition on all of them is really good.  I actually appreciated Michael's picky way with cards, because these really turned out great.

The above card from 1948 Bowman is card number 11, Johnny Lindell.
This one is card number 39, Augie Galan.  With the three cards from Michael, I now only need 10 cards to complete this set.  Not too bad, and I believe I can finish this sometime this year.
This one is card number 44, Johnny Wyrostek.  I really appreciated Michael hooking me up with these cards.  He didn't have to, but chose to try to push me further along with this set, and now he has me really close to the finish line!
Michael wasn't done with the '48s, though.  He knocked out an Orioles PC card that made it onto my Top 10 Wishlist for 2015.  I had been looking for this 2003 Bowman Chrome RC auto of Nick Markakis for some time, now, and let a few opportunities to pick it up pass me by.  I finally have it in my PC, which is bittersweet, since Nick is now a Brave.  I will always love Nick as an Oriole, so this card will be untouchable in my PC.

Michael has always come through for me.  I might not tell him every day how much his friendship is appreciated, but I sure hope he knows.  He went above and beyond with these Christmas gifts, and my gratitude cannot be overstated.

Thanks so much, man!

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