Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ebay Steal - 2014 Panini National Treasures Chris Davis Booklet

I'm not usually lucky on Ebay when it comes to straight up stealing things like I see some folks doing.  I get good deals, but it is rare for me to get one that I would consider an absolute steal.  After I sold my buddy, Joey, a baseball recently, I used the money for some Chris Davis PC needs.  I had a little less than $5.00 left over from that buying spree and happened upon the above Chris Davis booklet card from 2014 National Treasures.  It was at $2.99 + $2.25 shipping with about an hour to go.  I figured that I would take a shot on it, so I bid $6.00.  I ended up winning the card for $5.74 plus the shipping.  With what I had left over from Joey, I ended up paying out of pocket $3.81 for this booklet card.  To me, that's a steal!

The card is numbered 92/99 and looks great.  Yeah, I wish it had a patch on it, but I'm ok with the gray swatch.  Especially with the price I paid!

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