Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas Package From Weston

My buddy Weston sent me a Christmas package recently that had a bunch of Orioles cards in it.  The cards were great, but the thing about the package that stood out the most was the awesome purple bubble mailer that he sent it in.  I opened the package over Skype with a few of the guys that I chat with, and each of them wanted to be the one that bubble mailer was shipped to next.

You see, I recycle as much as I can.  Partly because I work in environmental consulting, but mainly because bubble mailers cost money, and I'm cheap.  So, why buy more when you can just re-use the ones sent to you.  I haven't bought bubble mailers in years, so this has been working out for me pretty well.  So, be on the lookout, who knows who the lucky person to get the purple mailer will be.

Anyway, Weston seems to be my hookup for Orioles prospects lately.  He sent me this great Panini Elite Extra Edition Jonah Heim card, which I really like.  Heim is one of three catchers the Orioles drafted in the 2013 draft, and all three are pretty good prospects.  The other two being Alex Murphy and Chance Sisco, of course.
Speaking of Sisco, Weston sent me this card as well.  It seems like I have gotten pretty much all of my Sisco cards (except for an auto I purchased off of COMC) from Weston.  He must have a lot of luck pulling Sisco's cards.

Thanks for the Christma gift, Weston!  I really appreciate the thought and I'm always glad for our chats.

Please check out Weston's blog: Fantastic Catch

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