Friday, September 11, 2015

Working on a Rainbow

As I continue to work toward getting some kind of rainbow completed of one of my PC guys, I picked up a couple 2014 Topps Mini cards off of Ebay recently.  They were versions of card number 47; the Chris Davis checklist commemorating him hitting 30 homers and 90 RBI before the all star break.

I already had the base and platinum 1/1 versions of this card, so, when I found a printing plate and a pink numbered 9/25, I went ahead and grabbed them.  I was more worried that the printing plate would disappear on me, for obvious reasons, so I had a saved search going for that.  I immediately jumped on it when I saw it.
I was told that I have the gold on the way, from my friend, Michael.  The black parallel numbered to 5 will be a tough find.  I hope to get one of them soon, and I have another saved search to help me out.

I may also bust a box of 2014 Mini at some point.  They always seem to be affordable, and are a fun product to break.

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