Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ebay Pickup - 2015 GInter X Apollo Creed

Talk about a sharp looking card.  When I saw that Topps was doing the online exclusive Ginter X cards (essentially, black parallels to the 2015 A&G set), I was really excited.  That meant I had another Apollo Creed card that I wanted to add to my card collection.

The print run on these cards is unspecified, but they are supposed to be short-printed somewhat.  I picked this card up off of Ebay for $3.00, so I don't feel like I did too bad.  Now that it is scanned, I am happy that I got it.  Man, it looks good.  Creed, albeit a fictional character, was someone I wanted to see on a Ginter card for a long tme.  Now that the folks at Topps hve read my mind, maybe we will see a Xenomorph card in the future.  Then some of my favorite movies will have graced that cardboard.

Rocky IV is probably second to Aliens for the title of "movie I watched most as a child" and it still is one of those films that I am obligate to stop on when I am flipping through my channel guide.  Since there is a new movie being added to the franchise this Thanksgiving, Creed, I am really excited.

I may go ahead and pick up all of the other Rocky characters from Ginter X, but I haven't decided if I will, yet.  I have the 5 cards from regular Ginter.  Picking up 4 more of these shouldn't prove too difficult.

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