Monday, September 14, 2015

Some 2014 Bowman Chris Davis Pickups From Ebay

I picked up a few more Chris Davis cards for my 2014 Bowman rainbow off of Ebay over the past few days.  I was lucky enough to find some really low numbered parallels that I still needed, and I was able to get them for some good prices.

This black static refractor is numbered 34/35.  My scanner did a really good job in picking up the "static."  The card looks really cool in person.
This gold parallel also looks really nice in person.  It is numbered 8/50.  I feel like I need only the green refractor (which is on the way), orange refractor (which I have seen for $30.00) and the superfractor (which I missed out on, on Instagram).
Now, I had no idea this card existed.  This is a purple paper parallel.  Try saying that fast.  Anyway, this one is numbered 8/50.  I find it weird that I was able to add two of the cards in this post numbered at 8.  I didn't plan it that way.

Like I have said before, I really enjoyed 2014 Bowman and Bowman Chrome.  Bowman is becoming a highly anticipated product for me, which is good.  I love Topps, but it is nice to be able to really look forward to another product, other than Topps base.

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