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Monday, August 25, 2014

Mail From Nick

I got a nice surprise package in the mail recently from my good friend, Nick, over at Dime Boxes.  Nick is, by far, the best blogger around.  His mini collections and just all around joy for just about any kind of cardboard is a real sight to see.  He finds so many things to like about cards that I (and others) may miss.

I send him stuff every now and then, and in return, I get mailers from him as well.  This time around, Nick hit me up with a bunch of Orioles parallels and oddball cards.  One of which, I didn't yet have in my PC was the above 1989 Kahn (KAHHHHNNNN!!!!!!) Hillshire Farm Brooks Robinson card.

I had never seen these before, and it also provided me the ability to drop a movie reference in my blog.  Woo Hoo.
These Opening Day blue parallels look so awesome in person.  I didn't have this Kevin Gausman parallel yet and Nick hooked me up!
Finally, here is a Chasing History Bob Feller.  I love that I PC Feller.  He was a great ball player, a great American and a great man.  He is still missed, and I take every opportunity to add cards of his to my collection.

Thanks so much for the cards, Nick!  I am slowly building a pile again for you, hopefully, it'll be ready to send sometime soon.  If you guys haven't checked out Nick's blog yet, you're missing out.  Please check it and give him a follow by clicking here.

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