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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Care Package From Max S.

A few weeks ago, I received a PWE care package from one of my regular Instagram trade partners, Max S. who operates under the Instagram name, graphinchitown.  He is one of the many Cubs fans that I have met on there and we send each other stuff back and forth quite a bit.  Actually, we have a trade that we finalized, which I should be seeing in the next few days.

This package, however, contained a whole bunch of Orioles cards, one of which was the above Home Flags parallel of Manny Machado that I didn't have yet in my collection.
Also in the package was this 1991 Upper Deck Mike Mussina RC (I have blogged this card before, but that photo didn't scan worth a crap, so I gave it another go).  Two days, two different Mussina RCs.  Not bad!

Thanks for the care package, Max, I really appreciate it.  You should see my end of our trade in the next few days, as I mailed it off yesterday!

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